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Angove-Trace-Bitmap-FlashWelcome to my Home Page.

This page is created for my Web3 class. Students will post their work on their own site and share their work with others. 

Check out all the other students work as well – their pages are listed below.

Digital Design 4

Emami – https://emami620606180.wordpress.com/

Floyd https://floyd003.wordpress.com/

Fraser https://dfraserblog.wordpress.com/

Mattice https://mattice232912610.wordpress.com/

Toker https://dtokes400888605.wordpress.com/


Achdjian – https://iachdjian.wordpress.com/

Farmer https://afarmer326931156.wordpress.com/

Francik https://jfrancikblog.wordpress.com/

Harriman – Old School Dreamweaver Site!!!!!

Hume https://seabass801887246.wordpress.com/

Mitchell https://sarahmitch1.wordpress.com/

Norris https://rachelnorris04.wordpress.com/

Patel – https://aashviweb3.wordpress.com/